Saturday, January 15, 2000

We wait...

We wait

And Love…
Remains a longing
For the beautiful impossible

We wait

But Love
Is a yearning
For the unattained perfection

We wait

So Love remains a craving
For the Imperceptible
The Inconceivable
The Unknown
The Never
And the Forever

We wait
For a breakthrough
A revelation
A memory of being whole
A dream of freedom

We go on a pilgrimage
To make the heart think
To make the mind feel

We search the world
For a smile
For a place
Where we can lay down our burdens
For a place
Where love remains love

And life
Becomes a quest
For an explosion
A whisper
For a hand…
That opens the gates of our soul,
Break the locks of our heart,
And set our mind soaring

We wait
For a word
That would uproot us
And plant us
In a different dimension

But yet we go on
With a light heart
And a playful tune
And we wait
For the stranger
Who would come and let us be

We wait

But tell me…
How close do we allow warm strangers?

We wait…